The Blame

I was quite surprised to receive more than a few emails chastising me for not posting my thoughts on the Virginia Tech tragedy. Frankly, I figured with the non-stop news pontificating on the matter, and the fact that this is a motorcycling related website…you’d not really be interested in my take on it.

“But”, says I, “I do post off topic stuffs, so maybe it’s a legitimate expectation.”

Okay, for better or worse, here are my thoughts:

Blame the shooter.

Let me repeat that just for good measure.

Blame the shooter.

Within minutes of the shootings, the news media was asking leading questions. To one student, “Aren’t you angry with the college for the way they handled this, especially with the earlier shootings?”

The student looks at the reporter like he’s nuts. “No. It’s impossible to notify, or protect, the entire campus from this sort of thing. I mean, it’s huge! Look around you!”

The reporter says nothing and turns to the next student. “Aren’t you angry with the college for the way they handled this, especially with the earlier shootings?”

I’ll say this again.

Blame the shooter.

This is not the college’s fault. This is not the police’s fault. This is not the system’s fault. It’s not the gun’s fault, the gun maker’s fault, the bullets’ fault, the victims fault, the drugs’ fault, myspace’s fault, the video games’ fault or any of the other desperate attempts to assign blame to everyone and everything but the real culprit here.

Blame the shooter.

The system did not fail him. It’s not because he was (or was not) bullied, coddled, graded, praised, religioned, drugged, rehabbed, or whatever pop psychology of the day cares to suggest. The man was a nutcase. He deliberately armed himself and methodically set out to kill people.

Blame the shooter.

All the agenda’s have come out. All of them have something to gain. All of them depend on the blame being on something else besides the shooter.

The religions…and the cults…are out. The “church of scientology” has sent recruiters. The anti-gun guys are mobilizing. So are the pro-gun guys. So are the big gummit oversight folks.

We are desperate to understand. We are desperate to do something to prevent this. We are loathe to admit that in a free society, we simply cannot. So, we need blame. We need to blame something that we can change…or legislate…or at least rally against.

But it’s the shooter.

Blame the shooter.

Y’all be safe.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Knobby says:

    Amen brother!

    Blame the shooter.

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