And I’m still here…

And here I wait…hoping for success in a server/application move that I don’t really have control of…and could not do adequate testing for…and is on a dangerously tight timeline. My production equipment, forcefully propelled into a world where the procedure is the goal, and folks that don’t have a clue what it does are in charge of it. Sort of. In charge but not responsible. Their structure is designed to ensure that.

My production concerns were dismissed out of hand.

When I couldn’t get the results I wanted in testing…I was assured that it would work because this process is used everywhere and “they’re selling hundreds of copies of this software”.

Yeah. That makes it good. “It would work.” I hope so, I really do…but what colossal arrogance and blind ignorance they possess to patronize me like that. They don’t even know what “it” is, does, or consists of.

We haven’t successfully done one of these migrations here. Not on a production server. Not on a heavy night…before another heavy day. I don’t have control of it…so I’m forced to place my confidence in folks that have no serious stake in it. Folks that haven’t earned my respect, and in fact, have earned exactly the opposite. Vendors. The lowest bidder.

Anyway…bosses and such didn’t seem to be worried about it…so I really shouldn’t be either…except I’m the one that has to make sure it works or fix it if it doesn’t. I’m the one that’s here.

Meetings and such earlier. Hours of them. Gad. What a total waste of humanity.

So. A 16-hour day so far.

And I’m still here.

Daniel Meyer

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3 Responses to And I’m still here…

  1. Mallory Roberts says:

    I am in IT and I have found that most “Vendors” and “VARs” don’t know anything because they don’t USE the same systems over and over. I don’t know what you all got talked into but I wish you luck!

  2. bugzymaccode says:


    Excuse me but I feel uniquely qualified to speak on this subject. Why? Well, I’ve had a stake in this system, hopefully I’ve earned Danny’s respect AND now I’m a vendor (who’s been engaged by same company after a previous “successful” move).

    Can’t you point out when you’re belittled how successfully they’ve handled everything else up to this point?

  3. Daniel Meyer says:

    Heh heh…they’ve handled what successfully?

    Yesterday the net-ops guy, who without warning, changed IP’s for the hell of it on a bunch of our production proof printers, and then got irritated with us when nobody could proof and we were in the “WTF?” mode, well, he looked at us and said, “No, this printer can’t be for DFWSub (remote site). I followed the cable. It doesn’t go to them. It plugs right into the network!”

    I must admit…I had no comeback for that whatsoever….


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