My current book project is Stormrider, a full length fiction novel loosely based on characters and events introduced in this short story.

This one’s got it all. Action. Adventure. Magic. Motorcycles. Good guys. Bad guys. Gorgeous redheads. Really, what else could you need?

I’m hoping for a summer 2007 release…but I’ve a lot of writing/editing left to do and summer’s coming up fast.

This story is coming together nicely…and I’m really enjoying writing it…but…

I found myself in pain this week. Odd feeling, that. See, I’m frantically writing on Stormrider…but had a hellofa (that’s a technical term) work week. A project Wednesday resulted in an 18-hour shift. Wednesday night we were getting clobbered by intense storms, so that made the “non-project” work interesting as well.

I ended up completely wrung out and literally having absolutely no ability to write. That place…the place my ability and creativity for my writing comes from, I apparently also heavily tap for work.

The pain comes in that the story is really coming together now…and I’m really, intently wanting to work on it. Lusting after it actually.To the point where I couldn’t sleep.

I’m hoping for a summer release…but it’s not deadline pressure…I want this one.

Lusting after it, and can’t do it. Frustrating. Thus the pain. Sounds like sex after 60, but at least they make pills for that.

Y’all ever experience similar?

From past experience I’ve found that the visual arts tap a completely different place than my wordsmithing…and often using one of those places seems to refresh the other.

So, beat, tired, but wanting to work on the book…yet not able to write. Hmmm. COVER ART! I’ll work on the cover art! It’s probably time to start promoting it anyway with my existing fan-base (that’s you guys and gals!)…ya know…build a little anticipation. Plus if I get a decent version of the cover I can stick it in the endpages of my other works (free ads don’t’cha’know (another technical term)).

I’m also invited out to several events related to my books this summer….some color postcards with a flashy cover on it would be cool too…

Anyway, here’s my effort so far…

Stormrider cover concept icon
^clicky clicky for a larger view

Daniel Meyer

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