Life Is a Road, Volume One–Limited Edition

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Life Is a Road Volume One Cover

I’ve finished it, proofed the proofs…corrected the ur, well corrections…and it’s up for preorder!


Life Is a Road–Volume One Limited Edition is now up for preorder! It is expected to ship the last week of June.

Now you have more choices for imbibing your Life Is a Road habit!

The complete text and illustrations of the first four books in the award winning Life Is a Road series, all together in one MASSIVE limited edition volume. This is a large print edition, printed 8-1/2 x 11″. 720 pages! Larger text, larger illustrations! This is a BIG book! You can only get it from me, and it is a limited offer. Personalized autograph. Signed and numbered.

I’m going to apologize in advance to my International readers…this book is over 4 pounds packed for shipping…there is NO economical way to ship it internationally. The limit for Air Letter post is 4 pounds. This will have to go Air Parcel Post or next best, Canada is high, and shipping overseas will be very expensive. Still, I’m willing if you are! US customers need not worry. The USPS has affordable options for US shipping…Got you covered!

Details are here.

Daniel Meyer

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