ssssnnnnnNNNNIIIIIIFFFFfffff. Barbeque?

Yep, I’m craving some barbeque. I could just run up the street…there’s several excellent places around here.

Hmmm…the time of year can’t be coincidental.

I can almost smell it.

Ah…Robber’s Cave! There’s some friends gathering at Robber’s Cave State Park in Oklahoma. (it’s an annual thing) for barbeque and whatnot.

It’s only a couple hundred miles…the motorcycle’s calling…

200 miles for barbeque. That’s reasonable, right?

Well, except that’s each way.

400 miles for barbeque. That’s reasonable, right?

(checks the map)

Well, except THAT road looks kind of interesting…and the back way up…ohhhh…THAT’S a neat town name…Annona, English, Negley, Valiant, Swink, “Y City” (at a “Y” in the road of course)…I’ve never been to some of these.

I’m thinking I’ve gotta run through some of these places…of course, that leads me way the hell out of the way…clear into Arkansas if I’m not paying attention. Ah, the Talhiminia Parkway…haven’t run that in a while (and the last time was in the pouring rain…at 2am).

Hmmm. Somehow it’s suddenly 400 (plus) miles instead of 200. Well, one way.

Heck, I can take the 200 way back. Should be a nice night run home…especially after barbeque.

Yah. That’ll work.

600 miles for barbeque. That’s reasonable, right?

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. dominic says:

    Hm, you should fix wordpress. It ate everything including and after my less-than.

    Let’s try again.

    My bbq (well grill) trip involved less than 50 miles, and burgers.. Which is alright, since I need to spend some quality time with a wrench on her rear-end to take care of some annoying squeaking noises.

    Hope it was good. 🙂

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