Am I the Only One?

For some reason…this advertising icon really creeps me out…

Creepy Evil Bear

There’s a series of commercials with this bear dancing with gorgeous women among flying sheets and such. At one point the bear turns to the “camera” and does an exaggerated wink. I’m thinking maniacle laughter and a chainsaw is not far behind…

This thing would make a better horror movie monster than advertising symbol…but maybe it’s just me.

The wife buys this product…I can’t help but wonder whether she’s safe at home with the stuff or if the bear will somehow show up and find the knife set…or the power tools.

Of course, then I envision what happens to a plushie bear when it’s subjected to a point blank blast from a 12-guage shotgun and laugh. Now THAT would be a commercial!

Evil undead psycho bears pushing fabric softener. Gotta wonder who the target audience is…

Y’all be safe.

Daniel Meyer

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