Preorders/Limited Edition

The preorders are going very well for Life Is a Road, Volume One–Limited Edition–. This is all four of the Life Is a Road books in one massive volume. 720 pages. Over 200,000 action packed words!

Life Is a Road Limited Edition

I have enough orders for a print run, I just have to decide how many extra to order. If you’re considering this volume, get your order in. I’ll be ordering it in batches and it really will be a limited edition and not broadly available. After the initial run sells out, I expect that it will be mostly for personal appearances and gifts/such.

I intend to ship these before the last week of June, therefore, preorders will close June 1st. That gives y’all (a technical term) a couple weeks to get your orders in!

If you prefer the individual volumes, feel free to order them too. They’re readily available and generally ship the next business day!

Go here for preorder details.

Daniel Meyer

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