They’re Back….and I’m Gone!

Yep, it’s some sort of disease or something. Seems to attack me every summer.

Biker's Hands

Last Summer:
More Biker's hands

I think I’ll ride to New Mexico in search of a cure. I’m headed to Tucumcari, New Mexico for a barbeque.

500 miles is reasonable for barbeque, right? Well, 500 miles each way, that is.

I’ll see you on the road!

Daniel Meyer

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3 Responses to They’re Back….and I’m Gone!

  1. dominic says:

    Mind sharing what gloves you’re wearing? I have a light pair of gloves, but wouldn’t mind an even lighter pair (the ones I have are more medium-weight.. a bit warm in the depths of texas summer)…

    – d.

  2. Daniel Meyer says:

    Those are “Olympia” brand…very fine leather. Not cheap but they do last. Buy them skin tight…as in almost painfully tight…they will rapidly form fit your hand and it’ll take a year before they stretch to the point where you might want more. I can get keys and change out of my pocket whilst wearing them.

    Good gloves cost. These are better than sex!



  3. timk519 says:

    I’d suspect an ATGATT deficiency. 🙂

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