Back from New Mexico…

Six Guns and I took off from Tucumcari this morning. Decent run home! As always, a pleasure to run the roads with you! A big shout out to Des and Kendall for an excellent event!

Well, I’m back. I’ve been dodging massive and severe storms all weekend. Not entirely successful…the dodging. Not at all. Seems after failing to significantly clobber me outbound or during the event (not to say they didn’t try though) they simply set up a blockade around the Metroplex. Yeah, okay. Playing nice time is over. Bring it.

I’m here and they’re gone, so that’s settled…for the moment anyway.

The road gremlins ate my clutch lever somewhere between Tucumcari, New Mexico and Amarillo, Texas…much to my surprise when I went to pull in the clutch exiting the freeway for fuel in Amarillo. Strange feeling for that particular control to have simply vanished…particularly since I aggressively use downshifting and engine braking to slow myself down. My riding style is somewhat brute force when a change of velocity is needed. Y’all don’t think I bought this monster machine to be particularly subtle do ya?

Hmmm…400 miles from home…on Memorial Day…at an unknown exit in an unfamiliar city and with a broken bike.

An…interesting…field repair and she was good to go to get me home. She always gets me home.

Oh, if you must know,
a) an old worn out and slightly bent clutch lever that I had tossed into a saddle bag when I replaced it…oooh…sometime before the Alaska run.
b) and since the clutch is hydraulic and there is a plunger/pushrod thingy that actuates the master cylinder that was now being used as a toothpick by a road gremlin, I clipped the heavy rubber coated wire end off a bungee cord and bent and trimmed to length and shape.
c) and a kickstand spring bolt substitute (also out of the bottom of a saddlebag)

Heck, I didn’t even need duct tape!

Four days away from home. The camaraderie of friends…tempered by the distances covered and the vast openness of the west. Four days exposed to the elements…exposed to the magic of the desert and left with the time to pursue my darkest and deepest thoughts.

Riding…for hours on end…eating miles and exploring the recesses of the mind. Care to take a guess at which part is more dangerous?

Finally home. Several things had to happen and in particular order…

1) Shower (I’d have skipped that step in my younger years…that was a courtesy to the wife…for step two is better without me being soaked to the skin and covered in dust/mud and bug guts).
2) Made love to the wife. Well, okay, it was sex. Lust. Plain and simple. Yeah, so now you know. I’m a guy. Riding makes me horny. It doesn’t you? Perhaps you’re not doing it right. Fortunately, she’s a gal that misses me as much as I miss her. It works out.
3) ICED TEA! Trust me. The civilized world would NOT exist without iced tea. I would make sure of it.
4) Order parts. Gotta be ready to roll again…well…yesterday. Sigh. It’s an odd addiction…distance riding.

Distance riders can divine from the above list order the depths of my love for my wife. Normally step one would have been to order parts for my mistress. I can hear their collective gasps even as they read the above and struggle to comprehend the meaning.

More later. Gotta go to work early in the AM…and I really ought to sleep sometime…and I’m thinking I may need to repeat an item or two from the list again.

Daniel Meyer

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