Tennessee…Hide the Wimmen!

I’m headed out at O-dark-thirty Monday morning for Inzane 7, the annual Valkyrie Riders‘ gathering in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Sooo…a thousand miles out, another thousand back. Lots of riding in between. Johnson City sits on the edge of some of the best riding roads in the country.

As usual, work has been frantic and I’ve not had time to really prepare. The bike, with over 100,000 miles on her, probably needs attention. I need to find a map or two.

As usual, work has been frantic, so I really don’t care that I may not be completely ready. A quick oil change and a handful of maps will have to do. I’m going even if I have to walk.

Once again, I’ve been asked to coordinate the tech sessions, so if you’re looking for me, either ride at high-speed all over the large number of curvy roads in the area (hey, you might catch a glimpse of me that way!), or check the tech session schedule. Here’s a PDF (Needs Adobe Reader) of the schedule if you’re interested.

I need a break. I need the road. There are stories out there…It’s once again time for me to go find them.

I’ll see you on the road!

Daniel Meyer

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