Now, somehow, I’ve gone and corrputed the wife….

See, I hit the road…a couple hours later than I really wanted to…see, the wife was involved…and I HAD to say “CUAgain” properly to her, you see…

So, I did not expect to make Johnson City today. I figured I’d ride till I felt like stopping.

So here I am…in BFE Tennessee…somewhere just that side of Nashville…I got me a cheap hotel and a good dinner.

600 miles. Three major storm systems. Road gators. Revenuers. Sleeping truckers. Lightning, HEAVY rain…ya know…the usual stuff.

600 miles. That was enough. No sense pushing too hard. After all, I’ve got all day tomorrow too….

So I call the wife…just to let her know.

She says, “Only 600 miles? You’re just getting warmed up! Sheesh! Some people just quit before they’re done.”

I think she called me a “whimp” in there somewhere. LOL! She was teasing me of course.

Gotta get her something special whilst I’m in Tennessee.

Wonder if I can find a lump of coal somewhere?

Daniel Meyer

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