There are a lot of bad people in the world. I’m not naive by any means. I’ve dealt with more than my share.


There are many, many more good people in the world, they just generally don’t get noticed.

I believe that for the most part, people are better than we tend to think.

I believe.

Wednesday the UPS fairy tracker thingy said they dropped 7 huge boxes of books…several hundred dollars worth…on my front porch.

The books weren’t there. I’ve had dozens, perhaps hundreds of shipments from UPS…and never a problem, yet here it was. A nightmare. Several hundred dollars worth of books missing.

Did they leave them with a neighbor?

Did somebody steal them?

This was not a late shipment…sometimes they get lost or on the wrong truck…but the tracker shows them to be in transit then. This one said “delivered”.

It’s easy to assume the worst. Some new folks have moved into our neighborhood…there’s kids around because of summer vacation…workers have been installing new phone and cable lines around.

Assume the worst?

I don’t.

It’s gotta be a mix-up. Right?

Right…There’s that moment of doubt. Right? The world can beat ya down. Just why do I believe?

The publisher thinks they’re gone. UPS says “delivered”. The publisher figures I need to order some more and we’ll fight over who gets to pay for the stolen ones later. Me? Them? UPS? Gad.

Nah. My faith and instincts are generally very reliable.

Last night at midnight I got a phone call. Seems seven big, heavy boxes were delivered to this ususpecting man’s porch. He wasn’t sure when, as his driveway is in the back of the house and he comes and goes that way. He hadn’t been out front all week. He found my phone number and address on the boxes and immediately called me to let me know where the boxes were.

I picked them up this morning and notified my publisher that I found them. Hopefully they’ll let UPS know…UPS makes it difficult to contact them if you don’t have a shippers account so I’ve no way to let them know.

Anyway, delivered to the right house number, just about 8 blocks off. They’d have never found them.

Faith vindicated. Thanks for the call, friend!

Y’all be safe…and do the right thing. That’s how this works, see?

Daniel Meyer

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