Gone Again.

I’m off riding. Dropping a book in Crockett, Texas for a charity auction…the Moosehead’s opening up for Sunday lunch just for this event. I’ve gotta grab me some pie while I’m there.

It’s a ride…I need it.

Recent weeks have been tough. Work used to be about designing, building, and creating really cool stuff to meet the intensive demands of our industry. With the outsourcing, lately it’s all about a constant battle to keep the outsourcer from taking everything apart to the point where it won’t work.

Forget forward progress. We’re just fighting a holding action. Upper management doesn’t seem to acknowledge or care, and I’m not sure just why I should if they don’t.

Home-life is just a pile of projects. Running just to fall behind.

Mundane. Boring. I wonder again if I’ve made a wrong turn.

When did the road I chose to travel, become the one I’m on?

I’m weary of the battle.

Yeah, I’ve gotta ride.

Perhaps this will be the day I just keep going.

Daniel Meyer

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