It should’ve been raining.

We said goodbye to Matt today. Rather, some of us said goodbye. As is my habit, I didn’t say goodbye. I rarely do, even to those we’ve lost.

I know too much to say goodbye. CUAgain will suffice.

There was a nice service, and it was good to know that Matt’s family knew him as the same man we did. My heart grieves…not really for me…but rather for my friend Susanne who’s lost her soulmate. There’s not much anybody can do…I just hope she knows she’s in my thoughts.

Funerals are an ordeal…for the family…who really doesn’t need any more stress at this time…but always seem to be set up the same way. I think that’s because the loved ones are numb…and leave the basic setup to folks that have handled it before.

It should have been raining. The picture would have been complete.

The Umbrella by ~employa on deviantART

I’m more determined than ever that my funeral arrangements will be anything but traditional. I’d best get to planning that.

Y’all take care.

Daniel Meyer

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