Nothing Says ‘Security’ Like Glass and Magnets

That’s a quote, by the way, from BugzyMaccode, a good friend of mine.

Nothing says “security” like glass and magnets.

I work in downtown Dallas…a part that becomes a “no man’s land” after dark.

Our building security, since it is part of corporate instead of our operating unit, in a orgasmic fit of cost savings and bean-counter efficiencies, abandons their posts in our building at 5:00pm and retreats to what we call the “Ivory Tower” (the corporate headquarters across the street). There they head up to their offices on the upper floors and lock out the elevators. I just wish I was making this up.

There are a couple problems with this approach.

First, over 60% of our workforce is here after 5:00pm. We are a 24/7 operation with most of the real news production done after 4:00pm. Of course, all the folks that actually think they are important have gone home for the evening.

Second, downtown becomes a much more dangerous place after dark. Seriously.

And not to mention, because of the business we are in, we are frequently the target for angry protestors/etc.

Oh, yeah…and the substitute for security? They lock our glass doors with a magnetic card-key system.

A simple center-punch will smash the door in a second, but they don’t even need to get that creative.

Today, around 5ish, I headed across the way to a Subway sandwich place and grabbed a sandwich. Because it was still light on my way back, I didn’t realize that it was time for the guard’s retreat.

I reached the front door and pulled the handle. “POP!” Open comes the door. It had just enough resistance that I realized I should have used my badge to open the lock.

I closed it again and pulled, curious.

Took about 10 pounds of force. No strain at all. The second set of tall glass doors is the same.

Something serious is going to happen here one night.

But hey, at least none of the guards will get hurt!

Daniel Meyer

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