WooHoo! AC’s back!

New Motor

I rebuilt my indoor blower with a new motor and we’re running again!

Texas is just too hot without one. I actually grew up without air-conditioning…we had one window unit in the wall in the master bedroom…elderly or infants could get a life-saving break from the heat and if somebody was sick or something they could sleep there…

I call it better living through technology. Now, I have central air, and keep the entire house comfortable…AND use 1/3 of the energy doing it then the single unit we had when I was a kid used to cool only one room.

That is…when it’s not broken.

Phew! It was 104 outside and 99 inside when I got ‘er done. I had to put gloves on to take the completed unit in the house. It was too hot to touch from the sun and ruthless heat by now.
Fan unit

Of course, first ya gotta take the entire thing apart. Note the critically necessary glass of iced tea placed near-to-hand…
Lots O parts

The old motor…it had oilers for the bearings…but in a typical crappy manufacturing kind of a thing…it was mounted so that not only could you not get to them…but they were up-side-down.
The old motor

The new motor…no oilers. Lifetime sealed bearings now! About $110 bucks.
The new motor

It’s kind of a jigsaw puzzle…ya gotta get all the parts in order, and aligned…and ya can’t reach some of the screws/adjustments with other parts in place….
Some assembly required

The motor mount itself is pretty simple. Clip it on to the bracket!
Motor mounts via clip

The Burnt Spot
The previous motor went in a spectacular lightshow of heavy blue sparks…accompanied by much singing/howling of the dog to the sweet melodic tune of the smoke alarm…

The dog really does like to sing…

And he’s louder than the smoke detector…

One reason houses burn despite careful attention to the electrical wiring that’s part of the house is illustrated here…

Appliances are flat dangerous as they are not held to the same standards…In this case the inside unit needs 50 amps to it for the heating elements (used as supplemental heat to the heat pump in the winter)…but this is a 1/4 hp motor…and all the wiring, connectors, shields, contacters, etc. for it are rated at 15 amps…yet NOT seperately fused from this UL listed unit…

That motor could have shot blue arcs until the house was good and burnt down (it was well on it’s way) and never tripped the breaker…
The burnt spot...

Complete! Fire that sucker up!

In, wired, and buttoned up. Also vacuumed off the coils when I was in there. They gather an amazing amount of disgusting stuff even though we have a hypo-super-electro-whatnot-thingy-50bucks-friggen air filter.

Over an hour’s work to put the inside unit back together due to the difficult access.

The blessed cool air is flowing now! My shirt could be wrung out, and my jeans are soaked to the knees and covered in crusted salt from sweating so much…

The dog kept checking on me…pretty sure he was saying, “Hey, dude! There’s some cooler air in there (wags his tail towards the bedroom) if you’ll just go in there and lay on the floor!”

Yeah…the cold air is flowing.

So much for my day off….

Think I’ll go lie on the floor with the dog. 😀

Daniel Meyer

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