Nights Again…

I’m working nights again…covering for co-workers.

I actually like nights. I can lean back, crank up the tunes, and actually get stuff done. There are interruptions to my project work…lots and lots of them…but those interruptions are all about doing what we do best…producing news content and getting it to press.

The calls I get at night are about getting the paper out…and that…I am very, very good at. THAT…is when I love my job.

The day calls I get are usually some IBM schmuck that thinks he is God’s gift to IT…and thinks he has a handle on what we do here. I have to fight with them to keep them from taking this massive news system so far apart that we can’t do our jobs. Worse yet, I’m not allowed to go find them personally and toss their incompetent ass right out the door…which is what we would have done a few years ago when it was actually important that we be able to get the news out. It’s a losing battle. I’m beginning to hate it.

Yeah, nights are better. No politics. No conference calls with 35 people in them (gad). No waste of humanity. No bullsh!t. No self-important, lying, blatently incompetent folks.

News and news production. VERY refreshing.

Yep, I like nights…

But this switching back and forth……ugh….

(goes off in search of MUCH more caffeine)

Oh…and just to answer the question we ALL would have asked if we had ever thought about it…

Yes, microwave popcorn CAN go bad (expiration date, “August, 2002”)

What does “bad” mean?


Well, that’s subject for another day.

Daniel Meyer

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