I was out mowing the front yard…seems we’ve had more rain than usual this summer so it hasn’t burst into flames and self-cremated yet. Usually I have to mow it maybe 3 times in the spring and a couple times in the fall…but actually mowing in August? Amazing!

Anyway, I was constantly surrounded by dragonflies! Y’all northern types may know them as “mosquito hawks”. Hundreds and hundreds in a huge cloud, zipping all over the neighborhood. They would even park themselves on my mower handles/cables/such and sit there looking at me and flapping their wings while I continued to mow. The largest was over two inches long…at one point I had 10 in a row on the top handle, and one perched on each knuckle of each hand (little known fact…they CAN bite, but don’t unless grasped in a hand). I kept wondering if they all flapped at full power if I’d lose the lawnmower!

I’ve never seen so many…

Daniel Meyer

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