Art Geekiness–Part the third…

Ooooo….Look what came in the mail today!

Prismacolor pencils! Lots of Prismacolor pencils!
Prismacolor pencils. Lots of prismacolor pencils.

For those that aren’t art geeks…Prismacolor pencils are really the cream of the crop in art pencils.

I managed to get another “You’re completely nuts!” look from the wife when, holding up the box and grinning like a school boy that just found his first Penthouse I said, “Honey! Lookee what I got!”

Her standard reply for cases like these, “That’s nice dear.”

Hmmm….good thing I didn’t tell her what these things cost!

Intended use for now is to enhance fine details on the paintings I’ve been doing…but later….

Yah, y’all can go ahead and say it…”You might be an art geek if….”

Oh, yeah…that bird in the background is a painting I’m working on…assumming nothing goes horribly wrong (always a possibility with my “art”) I’ll have it done with just a couple hours more work.

Daniel Meyer

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