Y’all (that’s a Texas technical term) check out my art gallery if you have any interest in such a thing. Clearly, I’m an amature in the art world, but I’m learning and having a great time at it.

I use the visual arts to recover from the stresses of work, and to help recharge the part of my brain that allows me to write. Apparently the effort and creativity needed to write, come from the same place the effort and creativity I expend at work. Sometimes I’m just plain burnt…and the visual arts (and some rocking music on the mp3 player) help me to recover from that.

“But whoa!” the intrepid reader might say, “You’re supposed to ride for that stress relief.”

Heh…well…there’s a lot of stress. The riding is relieving enough of it that I haven’t tarred and feathered anyone (in the last three days anyway). The art just recharges the creativity after the ride removes the stress.

Anyway, have a look at the gallery.

To the gallery! To the Gallery! To the Gallery!

Daniel Meyer

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