Well, I guess I didn’t make a summer release.

But I’m working on it! Stay tuned!

Storm Rider Cover

The intricacies of this story…was well as the methods of editing something that’s fiction yet this tightly connected to real events in my life is taking far more effort than I’d have guessed.

It may not seem like it sometimes…but writing is hard work!

In addition, work (the job that actually pays for all these shenanigans) has not helped things lately…it seems to be on my mind a lot more than it merits. I’m gonna have to find a way to deal with that…in the near term.

Anyway, not making excuses here…rather, updating the folks that are waiting for the book as to its progress.

Progress is…well…progressing! In about two weeks, I expect I’ll have a solid idea as to the release date. I’m working nights next week…and with the back and forth schedule switching I’m not getting much done….but I’m actually off the week after! I expect to make my big editing push and to wrap up all the loose ends. These are dynamic characters though…they may take me down yet a different path…

Hey, maybe I’ll even get to ride (other than commuting)!

Daniel Meyer

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