Turf Wars

Yesterday was yard work day.

Yeah, I don’t much care for yard work…but now and again it helps to be able to expend strength against something that can take it without breaking (or filing assault charges).

With all the rain here this year, the yard has gone beserk…the tendrils that bermuda grass sends out will actually cross the sidewalks if I don’t edge for a couple weeks. It really is amazing. Usually with the heat, I don’t even have to mow from the end of May to the end of September. Anything that touches the sidewalks typically curls up and dies (or bursts into flames) from the heat. Not this year.

It took everything in my arsenal…a 7 hp push mower, weedeater, edger, rake, hoe (the garden kind…the other kind typically doesn’t do yard work), and a shovel.

I won…for now. But it’s out there watching…waiting…gathering strength for the next battle…

Oh, and that was just the turf…I’ve still got to attack the landscaping. We have all native-hardy plants and thus they are doing VERY well this season. The bushes and such are quite fuzzy.

Daniel Meyer

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