Yet more Schlock!

Yeah, well, I do have a history of advertising other folks book on my book site.

Howard Tayler’s popular webcomic Schlock Mercenary comes to a “dead tree” edition yet again!

The Tub of Happiness features 240 pages of Schlock goodness from the inceptions of the strip.

Schlock Mercenary, Tub of Happines cover

I highly recommend the Schlock Mercenary books. Howard and Co. does a fanatastic job of bringing the webcomic to print. The books are gorgeous and contain bonus stories, footnotes, and extra art.

The book is in preorders now. Get your copy reserved today!

Need I remind you Christmas is coming up? Sets of Schlock books would make great gifts!

Hmmm…come to think of it…sets of MY books would make great gifts too! Y’all get out your credit cards!

Daniel Meyer

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