Will Ride for Work…

I went for a long ride Saturday. Most things I might normally need on a trip are always in my saddlebags. Thinks like basic tools, tire repair supplies, rain gear, and warmer gloves.

If I happen to be headed for for a specific place or purpose I’ll gather any other needed things into a “kit”. That kit could be as simple as grabbing my laptop because I’m on my way to work, or as complicated as full camping gear.

For Saturday, my “kit” was a duffle that contained a six-pack of diet coke and a pair of wire strippers.

Heh…yep…I went riding to do electrical work. Something over 250 miles round-trip, in fact.

My friend Mike needed some help pulling the wiring to his barn. He had already done the hard part…digging the 150+ foot ditch and burying the conduit. Yeah! No digging!

A gorgeous, flawless run down, only punctuated by a couple errant cagers, neither of which was a serious threat as I saw them coming. Early Saturday morning is a good time to get out of Dallas…the drunks have all made it home (or crashed)…and most other folks haven’t got out and about yet.

Anyway, I arrived, we ran for supplies and some eventual lunch. We got the wire pulled in, hooked up both panels, and got his basic plugs/pump/etc power hooked up in the barn. He’s going to add more lights and such, but he can get that done on his own.

The ride back was in the evening and much more eventful…there are some places out here that combined with a hot night, a wild ride, intense memories, and a lifetime’s experience on them…can be a bit…haunted. Texas summer nights are magical…but that magic is not always benevolent.

But that’s another story.

Electrical work. Heh. As good a reason as any for a ride!

Daniel Meyer

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