You Might Ride too Much If…

Hmmm…you might ride too much if you’ve ever had a phone conversation like this one…

My favorite On-LINE motorcycle parts place called…

Me: “elLo?”
Them: “Mr. Meyer?”
Me: “Yep.”
Them: “We were just calling to see how you were…”
Me: “What?” Now that’s customer service.
Them: “Well, you usually order a sh!tload of parts about this time each fall…looks like your usual is a case of oil filters, a couple front tires, a case of air filters, and a set of crash bars.”
Me: “My usual?”
Them: “Yeah. It’s been the same for 5 years. We were kind of worried we hadn’t heard from you.”

I pondered for a moment. A set of crash bars every year? I mean, I’ve had my adventures…and I’ve always claimed that only myself and my parts guys knew how many times I’ve dropped that big ‘ol beast (and I use multiple suppliers!)…but really?

Then I pondered some more.

Crud. Yep.

Me: “Yeah…send ’em on.”
Them: “The whole usual order?”
Me: “Yeah. And throw in a windshield glass.”
Them: “Same glass as the last two?”

Sigh. I just call ’em battle scars.

Ride ’em hard…fix ’em when they break.

Daniel Meyer

Ride it hard

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