Tools of the Trade

“Metric toolbox.”
“Standard toolbox.”
“Breaker bar.”
“Holy water.”
“Wha…Holy water?”
“Dude…it’s a Dodge.”
“Well, yeah, but Holy water?”
“It’s an electrical problem in a Dodge.”
“Ah, yeah. You’re right.”
“Holy water.”
“Nope. We’re fresh out.”
“No problem.” (holds up bucket of water). “Water.” (holds up Colt 45 1911 model) “Hole maker.”
“There. Holy water.”
“Sledge hammer.”
“Check…wait…why do we need a sledge hammer?”
“Dude, it’s a Dodge…”
“Plasma Cutter.”

And so it goes. Swapped an alternator and voltage regulator on a friend’s truck yesterday. Also pulled the wheel on his bike so he can take it in and get a new tube (we’d have installed the tube if we had one). Gad. I hate spoked rims. Had to load up the tools and head for his place, as neither vehicle was in any condition to make the trip to my place. He was running out of things to drive. His other (main) bike is already in my garage waiting for the time to tinker on it.

Working on vehicles. Not my favorite past-time. But hey, the weather was great for it, and I got to spend some time with my friend. Life’s good!

Daniel Meyer

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