Well *that* can’t be good…

Well, I’m off in Riverside, California…sent here by work and shaking my head at the MASSIVE amount of systems’ work that needs to be done here…I don’t even know where to start…good thing that really my role at the moment is to reconnoiter and come back with some recommendations…

Anyway, showering this morning in my hotel room and I heard the cable TV fail. Static noises drowned out the sound of the shower.

“Hmmm…that can’t be good…”

Ten seconds later, the power went out and the hotel was plunged into darkness.

Showering in the dark is only fun when there’s a naked woman with you…

“That’s definitely NOT good…”

Then the water pressure went away. ACK! I quickly rinsed the soap off with the remaining dribbles.

With all the smoke from the fires surrounding the city…and now no power…gotta wonder if the hotel is on fire or not. Time to leave.

As I was getting dressed I peered out the window could see that the entire city was out.

“Crap.” Gotta get to the newspaper and shut down critical systems orderly before the UPS systems run out of juice.

Kind of sucks to be on the 12th floor of the hotel in power outage.

No emergency lights in the halls or stairwell either. What the heck is with that?

Down 12 flights of stairs by the light of my cell phone. Sheesh. Had I been traveling on the bike I would have had an LED flashlight at the least. They get annoyed when you have that sort of thing on an airplane nowadays.

Ah well.

Anyway, an adventure for the day. Power’s back at the moment…no major system problems…but they are predicting another failure to get the city back on the main grid…but they won’t tell us when or for how long.


Oh, and breakfast was coffee and a diet coke…and a pretzel I stole from some hapless person in the hall.

Daniel Meyer

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2 Responses to Well *that* can’t be good…

  1. bugzymaccode says:

    Gosh, you’re really making me miss that place right now.

  2. RaineWalker says:


    public radio says they’ve been borrowing power from Mexico.



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