Oh, now *that’s* a great idea…

Ya gotta wonder…what idiot approved this? What department head, design committee and enginnering department all said, “Yeah, this is a good idea, I approve.”

Picture this…you stumble on a crime in progress, back away around a quiet corner, and pull out your cell phone.

Then you make a fatal mistake…you dial 911. Seems our wonderful FCC decided that your phone must warn you when you do such a thing…and it seems Verizon, in all their new phones, interpreted this to mean, “piercing alarm”.

Yep, you dial 911 and your phone emits a loud, piercing alarm for all the world to hear…and you can’t silence it.

You are now part of the crime, not just reporting it.

I can’t think of anything more dangerous.


Y’all be safe…and if you or a loved one has a new phone and Verizon service, take it back to them…today…and make them turn it off or exchange the phone for one that doesn’t do that.

Oh, and while your at it, ask them what moron thought that was a good idea?

Y’all be safe!

Daniel Meyer

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