To be near you…to be free…

Can you hear me, can you hear me
Through the dark night, far away,
I am dying, forever trying,
To be with you, who can say.

Music has always kept me sane. I’m not sure what I’d do without it.

Y’all remember the classic, sappy song, “Sailing”?

“Sailing” was written by Gavin Sutherland in 1972, and I’m pretty sure just about every singer has done a cover performance of it at one time or another…

Anyway, I’ve always liked the song…yeah, well, my tastes are eclectic…and run the gamit of everything from hard rock to symphonic…

For those of you not riders know this…there is no more lonely place than the highway…in the middle of nowhere…in the dark. With only your machine and your soul for company…you’ll be forced to confront the most dangerous thing we ever face…yourself. Few of us come away unchanged.

More than once this song has accompanied my on the long ride through the darkness.

So, just ran across a version of “Sailing” done by a VERY talented young man Declan Galbraith. What a voice! Brings a tear to the eye…ur…well it would anyway…if big burly man-type bikers could do such a thing.

Check it out.

Daniel Meyer

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