One thing that often surprises folks about me is that I’m a very capable cook. Interestingly though, I married a southern woman who generally won’t let me in the kitchen. Something has to be actually on fire, or something needs killed before she’ll let me at the cooking implements.

Holidays are the exception. One of my specialties is candy-making. I’m quite accomplished at it. I’ve even made home-made peppermint and candy canes. Around the holidays we tend to make large batches of stuff and package it into reasonable quantities for gifts to friends and family.

I guess if I can’t lose weight…maybe I can make everybody I know fat so I don’t have to worry about it!

Tomorrow is candy making day…one of several next week I expect. On this year’s menu, my famous peanut brittle, fudge, a load of layered peppermint bark (chocolate and white chocolate with embedded crushed peppermint), toffee, and chocolate covered toffee. These are all simpler recipes, just because I’m working a lot and don’t have much time to spend.

On the kitchen table right now…50 pounds of sugar, 10 pounds real butter, 2 quarts of corn syrup, 5 cans evaporated milk, 10 pounds of premium dark chocolate chips, 2 pounds of white chocolate chips, 5 jars of marshmellow cream (don’t have time to make my own right now), and about 5 pounds of uncooked spanish peanuts. Rounding it up are various small containers of peppermint oil, real vanilla extract, salt, soda, and some green food color in case I decide to tint the white chocolate layer of the peppermint bark.

Tomorrow I’ll apply some fire and see what happens.

Film at 11?

Daniel Meyer

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