I think I could use a tailgunner. Folks last night were apparently practicing for the drive home after their New Years parties.

Practicing, as in, most were drunk or otherwise imparied.

Yep, I head home from work around 2:00am each night…we call that “drunk o’clock” or “drunk-thirty”. The hours between 2:00am and 4:00am are the worst…as my boss has said, “Nothing good happens then.”

Inside of 5 miles I had 4 different cages change lanes on or nearly on top of me. Expectation and staying alert to all available escape paths gave me plenty of room…but really folks….

Inside of 10 miles I had passed or otherwise encountered 10-12 cars where I could smell the alcohol (we bikers can do that ya knows…). Out of four more cars, I could smell weed.

In the 20 miles of freeway traveled, 5 cars came from behind so fast that had I, or the other cages in my area, not been alert and changed lanes, the fast moving oncoming moron would have taken us out. We’re talking speeds well in excess of 100mph. Two were weaving and barely in control. One bumped the wall. He managed to get it back in the lane, but didn’t touch his brakes or slow.

I can’t recall a night that I encountered so many drivers that I could easily identify as impaired.

I’ve got no problem with folks indulging whatever vice they may have…but they need stay out of their car when they do.

Y’all have a safe New Year’s Eve! I may just drive “Big Iron”, the 7000 pound, 4×4, jacked up, 450 horsepower pick-em-up truck, to work instead of the bike that night…I might stand a chance of surviving if one of these idiots manages to take me out.

Daniel Meyer

Oh, and tomorrow? I suppose the inevitable New Year’s resolutions are in order…

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