And there but for the grace of God, go I

Motorcyclist killed Dec 30 Dallas

Motorcyclist killed

That was likely seconds behind me…there were not many bikes out last night…and I passed one Northbound about 2 miles back from that exit…just before 2am…

I likely waved to this man…

Y’all be safe!

Daniel Meyer

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  1. VegasRider says:

    That is not pretty. Been there with you, but closer.

    Back in my pre-bike days while still in college, my ex-wife & I were driving back through the rural Illinois twisties to visit our families over spring break. It was a nice warm but slightly overcast day. The tulips and daffodils and hyacinth gloriously making their existence known through the now slightly greening yet still grey sod.

    Windows open we breathed the new life that is the spring. Brilliantly gentle conversation of our friend and family filed the moving air. We near our destination. Just outside the small town my ex-wife’s family lived in was an ‘S’ curve. The kind that presents little challenge in a car and would be quite some gentle swervy fun on a bike, the kind a noob rider could enjoy with only a small margin of relative danger.

    We swoosh through it with little more than a thought. Half way from there to the little town we meet an older car. A grade school friend of us both, we wave happily. She responds in kind.

    Upon reaching town, we stop at a friends house to have a beer and chat. We stand outside talking, enjoying the refreshments and lovely weather.

    There, looking back towards the ‘S’ curve from where we were only 10 minutes before was a large plume of smoke.

    “Bon Fire,” one said.

    “Looks like that farmer’s barn may be on fire,” another said.

    “Ah, somebody’s just burning some of their field off,” I posit.

    We go back to our beers and conversation.

    The next morning we receive the news. It was our grade school friend. She was going through the ‘S’ curve and met an out of control grain truck. It was a head-on collision.

    A verification of the car engine’s serial number and the small ankle tatoo she had was all there was to identify.

    And she was a new mother.

    The end can come at any time. Enjoy the life you have. That’s what I am trying to do, anyway.

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