Ten Dollar Easel

Well, I’ve been dabbling in the visual arts…and have run across a few occasions when I needed an easel. I’ve been able to get by without one, but I was given an air-brush rig for Christmas…and an easel is a must for that work.

I know where the term “Starving Artist” comes from…everything “art” is expensive. Paints, papers, canvas, brushes (brushes are worth their weight in gold)…it’s all expensive. A lot of times you get what you pay for, and superior materials do make for better product, but there is always somebody taking advantage. The marketing hype is something like, “Hey it’s expensive so it must be good!”

I needed an easel. I can’t afford one. Anything under $50 is only suitable for presentation…you know, flimsy wobbly cheap plastic and pot metal things for holding up signs or those big notepads EWACS use when they’re telling us how they’re going to screw with us this year (EWAC=Executive Without A Clue, there’s a glut of them lately).

A good working easel starts around $200.

I can’t spend that kind of $$ just to hold up some paper whilst I practice airbrushing…so I built one instead. I had to pick up a couple sticks of wood, but with the stuff I dug out of the garage, I built me a $10 easel. Sometimes we’re not cheap…we’re just poor. Then again, sometimes we’re both cheap and poor!

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