Slipping Away…

I’m a bit frustrated lately…I can’t seem to get anything done.

Projects are piling up around the house.

The Dragon needs some maintenance. Bunnie, my best bud’s Goldwing is also stuffed in my garage needing some work.

Big Iron needs some tinkering even though I don’t drive her much, and even Crunchbird, the wife’s ride, needs occasional attention, none of which I’ve given it lately.

I’ve got two books I’m working on, one for spring release (Stormrider), and I’d like to keep pursuing my interests in the visual arts as well. I’ve a rather special project in mind in that genre that I need time to work on. A class or two might be nice too.

Then there’s the New Year’s resolutions. I’ve not even made any yet…but one I know I will make and need to take seriously…it’s time to take better care of my health…losing weight and much more excercise for starters. Middle age has arrived and more of my “way too big” is fat than used to be. Middle age seems to convert muscle to fat. Gad. That means carving out a time slot just for those activities.

But the time just keeps on slipping away. I’m not sure how to change that. I already don’t sleep enough…where do I get more time?

Part of my frustration I think is that December was simply a bust for me. I worked a horrendous amount of hours that month and thus had no time for anything but sleep and work.

Something’s got to give…or it’ll be me that breaks. One thing I’ve learned, is that work will consume all I have if I let it, and that nobody really cares when it does.

I’ve got some time coming from work. Guess I need to start taking it.

It won’t be enough.

Daniel Meyer

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