Electric Dreams…

During the infrequent and far too short times when I actually get any sleep, I frequently dream. They are often quite forthright and enlightening…when I can remember the details that is.

Some believe that dreams are the mind processing excess information it didn’t have time to deal with during waking hours. Due to the frantic pace of life and the constant barrage of information it has to shunt some stuff to a cache and process it later.

I enjoy dreaming…but don’t always get to do so. I’ve wondered why. What makes the difference when I do dream vs the times I don’t?

I’ve noticed two things I can do that almost 100% make sure that I do dream, and dream very vividly.

1) Fresh air. An open window guarantees I will dream, and vividly. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to sleep with open windows all the time. Right now it’s a bit chilly somewhere under 25 degrees F actually…and during the summer the heat in Texas outdoors is set at “deep-fat-fry”.

2) Electric blanket. Yeah. I thought it was wierd too. During the winter we put on an electric blanket. When I turn it on, I dream, constantly and vividly. It’s not the temperature…I can turn the heat up in the house and leave the blanket off and I don’t dream.

Last night I rode a dragon, ravished a willing princess, reveled in the music of the universe, raced a car, shot an idiot, saved another, flew without any assistance, reaffirmed my belief in magic, found something I’d lost (for real), and did nothing less than substantially alter the course of my life (again).

I also died twice. Went to hell once, heaven the other time. I didn’t mind…I had words for the CEO’s of both places. If only I’d remembered to bring along my Super-Soaker. No bonuses for either of you twits this year…you hear me?

The electric blanket is the most reliable way to make me dream…and those dreams are by far the most vivid I ever experience. Lucid too, in that, I’m not along for the ride…I have control…well…for the most part anyway.

An electric blanket. Why do you suppose that is?

Daniel Meyer

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