You remind me…

…And this is how you remind me of what I really am…

That’s a lyric, BTW…from Nickleback’s song “Remind Me”.

The wife’s been out of town for a bit…and yep. I miss her. She took off to visit her parents. It’s been about 10 days now.

Yes, I miss her company…and her conversation…and her help…and I wish she could have been here and celebrated her birthday with me.

I do little but work myself to a frenzy while she’s gone. If not beat enough from work I’ll ride until I’m exhausted and then start the cycle over again. She doesn’t really realize why.

See…I really miss her

It’s a bit disturbing, really…to get a good solid look at that turmoil…that pool of raw emotion and uniquely male energy just struggling to break free. The passion! The lust! The absolutley relentless drive!

Even more disturbing to catch a glimmer of the depths of my dependence…and to realize just how effortlessly she quells the beast that I must fight with tooth and nail simply to contain.

And disturbing to realize she really doesn’t understand just what she has on the other end of that leash…

Basically…I just need to get laid.

Damn the male brain anyway…

Daniel Meyer

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