I’m in a great mood today.

Spirit’s lifted, cares swept away…

Why? Well, in no particular order (an “order” would be irrelevant as the factors all address a different side of my being).

–Mom’s feeling better. She’s a tough lady…that one. I’d say something about tough old birds but she’d kick my butt clean into next week.

–Today I heard from a friend I’d feared was lost…it’s difficult to express just what that means.

–The commute home was 30 minutes of absolutely glorious speeds, epic battles between errant cars, and a high-speed dance that taxed all my skills to their very limit…to my very core. Fresh air, sunshine, blood, bone, and steel.

Heh…basically…nobody died AND I can use the bike again.

–At work the miscommunications and departmental divisions (and accompanying mis-aligned agendas) today reached so far beyond “ludicrous” that I can’t even begin to imagine a term for it. This has “released” me actually…the situation has now ceased to be a worry and irritation to me and instead has become…entertainment. It would make killer reality tv! See, when the entire city’s on fire…at some point I realized there’s just nothing I can do…and facinated, I can’t help but watch the spectacle.

I’d guess my pointing at certain folks and uttering “Ooooooo….” or “Ahhhhhh….” (imagine crowd noises at a fireworks show) and then laughing will cause some interesting speculation over the next few weeks.

Y’all be safe. I hear winter’s coming in for a couple days…I think I may need to get some riding in tonight. I’ve got to work in the morning…but maybe my route will be via Louisiana…and perhaps the Texas coast.

Daniel Meyer

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