Life’s better when the drain works…

Plumbing today…a good friend’s Dad’s house…the friend asked for help. Something about a missing floor. He’s a good friend. I didn’t pay much attention after the, “I could use some help…”

Showed up, saw the pile of old, broken, rotten lumber and the old vanity on the porch, along with the toilet. Even here in Texas, the front porch is not the normal abode for a toilet.

Hiked my thumbs in my belt, nodded at the pile and said, “Well, there’s your problem!”

Gad. Arrived to a completely torn out bathroom. Pier and beam house. Step into the bathroom and down into the mud under the house. It’s not often that I track mud out of a house…

Ugh. What a mess. Completely redid the main/toilet drain…and all the other drains from the rest of the house connect up there. Old stuff. Every time you touch something, something else comes apart. Replaced several stubs for the fresh water…some copper/soldering, some PVC…all new cut-off valves.

Three layers of plywood, another basesheet for the tile that’s going down. New vanity/sink (not in yet, tile’s first). LOTS of work. Fortunately (or maybe not!) I primarily dealt with just the plumbing.

Floors and tile complete, we set the toilet late last night. They are still going to redo the ceilings and some other stuff, but life is ever so much better with a working toilet.

Phew. Tired. Hate plumbing…heh…but it needed doin’!

Daniel Meyer

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