My election prediction…

deep breath

Well, it’s like this…McCain will make a strong showing in the primary, but most of his supporters will die of boredom before the actual election. The remaining two (oil company executives) will forgoe their promise to buy the election as it will look funny if they don’t report 17 billion/quarter profits and their hands are all held down with the weight of their diamond rings and besides it would clash with their new yacht collection…but then Hillary will enter “that” time of the month during a key press conference and actually EAT the ABC Washington chief corraspondent, nixing her chances of getting the press behind her…at the same press conference Obamah will inadvertently make a racial slur (as “white” is a slur now that “pheomelanin enriched” or “eumelanin impaired” are the proper terms)…and as we know, one imagined racial slur spells your dooooom…so “WHAM” just like that Kermit the Frog wins the White House in 2008.

/deep breath

edit: Or is that just wishful thinking?

Daniel Meyer

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  1. dominic says:

    Kermit for President 2008.

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