Pillage…then burn.

Yah know…even I get days off every now and again.

Last Friday I was going to take a “comp” day…basically this is an undocumented day off to make up for those extra days put in at some other time. Yeah, I’m on salary. I haven’t made any overtime in a couple decades. Best as I can calculate…they owe me about 8.2 million comp days…


1) Friday was going to be a comp day. I was not supposed to be at work.
2) Friday is “business casual” dress.
3) A project at work suddenly became “urgent” (urgent is totally artificial, the issues and time-table are arbitrary, but there ya go).
4) Another “urgent” thing required a sort of spur of the moment meeting…
5) An eagerly awaited package arrived in the mail Thursday.

Thus it came to be…contrary to even the “casual Friday” dresscode…me wearing a black T-shirt that says, “Rule # 1, Pillage THEN burn” to a 7th floor corporate board-room meeting.

Not sure if that did my career any good…but I really don’t see what the problem could be…it IS part of our corporate SOP anyway…

Shirt is courtesy of Schlock Mercenary, and highly recommended for your next board meeting.

Pillage THEN burn
(click the pic for details)

Daniel Meyer

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