I’m back from the San Antonio bike show (South Texas Motorcycle Show). It was an interesting, but not lucrative, trip. I’m pretty sure we spent more on corny dogs than we earned as a vendor. There are reasons for this…some related to my “product”, and more related to the show itself.

This is the first show of this kind I’ve attended as a vendor instead of an attendee or guest and it makes for a completely different experience.

More later…for now I’ll leave it with an impression and a couple pictures…

The impression? Well, showing up at a motorcycle event without a motorcycle is just SO wrong on a fundamental level. I’ll not do it again.

But where else, mind you…can you get a “Hot beef sundae”?

Hot beef sundae

Mashed potatos, gravy, beef, cheese, and a cherry (pepper) on top.

Hot beef sundae


I was a vendor at this show…usually I’m a guest or attendee…this was a different experience…

That’s Mrs. Dragon behind the table.

Mrs. Dragon

Yours truly, with the wife, awaiting throngs of fans with their money just itching for some books…

Waiting for customers...

More later…

Daniel Meyer

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  1. dominic says:

    I wanted to head down there saturday, at least to poke around for a while.

    Sadly, I ended up helping my gf move (3 hours), then recovered at home (3 hours) and then ended up at a party somehow… (8 hours).

    It was an odd weekend, you could say.

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