Will Ride for BBQ

I’ll be at Hotglue’s barbeque (otherwise known as “The Gathering of the Fools”) this Saturday. Those of you that know of this event, well, you know of this event. I swear I can smell the brisket already.

Anyway, a couple of folks have asked me if I would have books for sale there…

No. Yes. Sorta.

So, here’s the deal…I do not attend this sort of event to sell books…I’m a guest at another’s private (in this case extremely well attended, but still private) event.

In these cases, if you would like to get books from me at those events, you need to notify me in advance and I’ll be happy to bring the copies you request.

Otherwise we’ll just have to BS a lot and have a LARGE time, which of course, is my real reason for attending!

Daniel Meyer

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