Gathering of the Fools!

Ahhhh…barbeque. Well, barbeque and bikes. What else could you need?

Oh…yeah…babes too. Well, there were a few of those too…but babes, as interesting and downright confusing as they are…are another story.

Anyway, I ran down to Hotglue and Flamingobabe’s 10th annual Gathering of the Fools Saturday. As usual, outstanding barbeque and top notch hospitality.

Thanks you two! Muchly!

The only smoker/barbeque I’ve ever seen with flames painted on:
Big flaming smoker!

Hotglue getting ready to unload the chickens. Must be 20 of ’em in there…
Mmmmm....tastes like chicken.

The smoker side. I snapped this picture after is was mostly unloaded…
A little meat...

Getting ready to cut a little brisket…
Some brisket

A few bikes

A few more
More bikes

At one point I counted over 60 machines…and there were more. Folks were coming and going on rides and runs all day.

Chicken. Brisket. Sausage. Beans, potato salad, coleslaw, trimmings (that means onions and pickles for you non bbq folk), and a wonderful bread pudding with rum sauce for desert. Yuuummmmm.

Old friends seen again, new friends made, and a large time had by all.

I headed home sometime after 9:00pm…the party was just getting started…a bonfire was about to start, along with the camper’s tall tales…but I had to ride. Three hundred miles or so of nighttime running bliss. Helps to keep my head screwed on straight. Besides, home’s where the babe was. Something like 600 miles and 10,000 calories for the day.

Y’all be safe…and Hotglue and Flamingobabe…if you ever need anything, just ask!

Daniel Meyer

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