And they wonder why I have little respect for our various governments and their agencies.

So, let’s talk water and droughts and knee-jerk ignorance induced overreactions.

First know this…there is NO shortage of fresh water in the world. There ARE localized shortages, but that’s just an engineering and delivery problem. Politics and government used to be about solving these problems, now they are just obstructionist. What it boils down to is that it’s all about money.

So, anyway, two years ago, we were having lower than average rainfall in our area. Since we’ve had unprecidented growth, and our leaders have not bothered to keep up with the infrastructure, we had “shortages”. What this really means is they couldn’t pump enough.

Anyway, they declared “unprecedented drought” (forgetting of course, there are people that have lived here all thier lives and know better) and instituted draconian water rationing…wierd hours for watering, penalties for “high” use, and hired a fleet of informants to drive around in the fleet of new trucks they bought for them and spy on customers.

Get the picture? What they really needed to do was pump water from up north…the pipelines/etc are in place but the water costs more and would have cut into thier profit…or they could have pumped from a series of reservoirs and pipelines planned for our growth…well, except they are a couple decades behind on the projects. Sad to get 20 years behind on a 3 year project. See, they have this “North Texas Munciple Water District” that “manages” all water and projects for all the cities in North Texas. They are to water like the mafia is to trash and vehicle towing “franchises” in the north east. The money goes in, there’s no accountability, and nothing productive comes out. Oh, and did I mention they manage the trash for the area too?

So, massive rationing and a snitch network. And now, our reward for all this? Well, seems our city did not buy enough water from the mafia water district over the last two years…so we’re getting hit with a massive rate increase. Massive as in close to 30% PLUS a retroactive $150 per household or so. See, we have to pay for the water we didn’t use as well as a higher “per 1000 gallons” rate so the NTWD makes the same or more money as they did before we cut back.


Daniel Meyer

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