The Shadows of the Night

I, I live among the creatures of the night
I haven’t got the will to try and fight
Against a new tomorrow
So I guess I’ll just believe it and tomorrow never comes…

-Laura Branigan “Self Control”

Saturday around noon I realized the headache and shoulder pain was tension built up from a completely fried work week.

I have just the thing for that. I told the wife, “I think I’ll go ride a bit.” and took off.

Somewhat later I remembered the Oklahoma VRCC guys were at Robber’s Cave State park this weekend so I headed up into the mountains of Oklahoma for barbeque. Ate, socialized, and around O-dark-thirty I headed home.

Well, I headed somewhere anyway.

See, the short way was broken.

Several hours ride…a two-hundred mile ride turned to 300, then 400, then 600. What an absolutely glorious night! Full moon and all alone on the back-roads of Oklahoma.

Stories were found…

One interesting road had turned to dirt 20 miles past and THEN I found the sign that said, “Pavement Ends”. It got even more interesting after that.

Eyes in the night kept me company…seen and unseen things paced my journey…met me at my stops…crept closer to me when I paused at some dark crossroads, pondering the next turn. The full moon (or so near full as to make no difference) revealed things in the night. Guardians, and ghosts…and less noble spirits were encountered. The night is my friend, but even to me it does not reveal all its secrets. Some things there threaten even me.

But that’s okay…the wounds will heal and sometimes we need a fight.

Yes, stories were found.

Ooooo boy….I needed that.

Daniel Meyer

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