Back, burnt, the sun was set on “deep fat fry”

That west Texas slog was as hot as ever. Every time I take it in the day, I remember exactly why I usually run it at night.

I’m burnt all crispy and have aches in places I’d forgotten there were muscles from the VERY intense crosswinds. At one point I burned 5 gallons of fuel in under 80 miles. That’s a hell of a headwind and it wasn’t even on the nose! A night run would have saved me some fuel and a bunch of pain (I’m rubbing burn cream on my nose even now).

Tucumcari was a blast…good friends can absolutely make a weekend. I’d a revelation or two on this trip…as seems is my custom. One moment of unusual clarity was a real “WTH?” moment. More on that later…I’m not quite sure how to act on it yet.

The Blue Swallow is now carrying my books. These are friendly folks that go to all lengths to make your stay a great one. Stop by and see them!

Gas is high. Out of the big cities the roads are much less crowded. Now’s the time. Scrounge a few bucks…Grab your bike and go. It gets good mileage anyway.

Take a road trip. Get off the interstate. If it says “Business Loop” or such, take it. Why do you need your subway sandwich, gasoline, pizza, and chicken all under one massive roof stop anyway?

See the towns. Make “mom and pop” businesses your staple. It’s well worth it and you’ll learn things about this country and its people…and about yourself.

Y’all get out there and ride…get out there and live!

Daniel Meyer

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