Institutional Incompetence

This story is a tragedy…pure debacle.

The summary:
1) Dallas Police put out a “bait” car…a car to attract car thieves and trap them by remotely disabling the car and locking its doors (with the thief inside) when it is stolen.
2) Car thief steals the bait car.
3) Dallas Police fail to disable the bait car. They said on the news today that it “drove away too fast”.
4) Car thief runs a stop sign, broadsides an uninvolved car and KILLS driver Annie Reyes.

The Police tailing the stolen bait car when it killed Mrs. Reyes say, “We followed all the correct procedures.”

Giving the police the benefit of the doubt…I’m sure none of them WANT this sort of outcome…but am I the only one that wonders what a complete and total lack of intelligence is being applied to this program? And “followed procedures”? When are they going to insert “Don’t kill bystanders” into the “correct procedures”?

Why was the bait car not disabled? “It got away too fast?” WTF? How about a “failsafe”…as in…when it gets OUT OF YOUR CONTROL IT SHUTS DOWN! Any kid playing with remote contol toys would have thought of that.

How did these things get on the street without some sort of comprehensive testing and review of how they work? What idiot reviewed the way they work and didn’t point this out? (or, are you lying to us…again). Who thought it was a good idea that the thief could win himself a free car if he just got away fast enough?

Who’s operating the program? A 4-year old? Trained monkeys? Untrained monkeys? Sheesh!

Once again, procedure, the wierd ideology of organizations now that expects ANYBODY to do a job and that there are NO specialists, and a lack of responsibility result in institutional incompetence out of an organization that is staffed with supposedly competent people. THIS is why I resist “procedure” and “step-by-step” methods of getting most jobs done…they simply don’t allow for questions, responding to changing conditons, questioning the “status quo”, and improvement of how things work.

Had the procedure even been remotely competent…or we had intelligent people looking at the way things work and questioning it…this death would have been avoided and another car thief would be behind bars.

In the end, the car thief is responsibe for the death…but the police handed him the weapon and forgot to take the bullets out first…and that’s “correct procedure.”

I expect better than that.

Daniel Meyer

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