Artists! Oy!

So…I’ve been dabbling in the visual arts. I am proud of some of my efforts. I’ve also been taking a life-drawing class. The reasons for these pursuits are many and not all easily explained. That’s okay, I’m not going to try here. They are subject for another post…

The end result of all this is I’ve accumulated a LOT of drawings/paintings/sketches etc. It’s tough to figure out what to do with them. Some I like, some I don’t. Some are good, some are crap. There’s a few it’s easy just to throw out. There’s a few I’ve given to friends. Some I’ve lost. There’s even a few I’ve sold (how cool is that!?)

Anyway, sorting through the piles of art, wondering whether I cared about a piece or thought maybe someday (after I’m dead and thus possibly famous) that it might be worth something…trying to make sense of it all…and not knowing how.

I’d imagine all artists go through the same thing…do they care about a piece? No? Yes? Crap? Trash? Keep? Sell? Print?

Truth is…that’s all relative.

In the sorting I came across the illustrations for my books done by my good friend Ron. Yeah, Ron, I’m talking to you!

Hands down, the best piece he did for any of my books…my favorite of all of them…and probably one of the best in technical terms….he obviously didn’t like or didn’t think it was worthy.

Why? Simply this. After I scanned it I had to Photoshop out the grocery list he’d scrawled in red marker across the front of it.

Artists! Oy!

Daniel Meyer

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