Eastbound and down…

I’m headed out at something like O’dark-thirty for Inzane, the annual Valkyrie Riders gathering, this year in Johnson City, Tennessee. I’ll be the tech session coordinator, so if you’re looking for me, check out the tech schedule…when I’m not there I’ll be screaming through the gorgeous hills in the area.

Got a couple days to get there…so I doubt I’ll be running in anything even resembling a straight line. Haven’t decided yet. It’s the ride I’m after…oh, and I think somebody mentioned barbeque.

The Dragon’s ready…she’s been calling to me for a number of days now…she doesn’t understand it when I don’t come when she calls…the ride is for the soul, not for the destination.

Hmmm…come to think of it, I don’t understand when I don’t come when she calls, either…

I suppose I ought to pack something…

Y’all be safe…or at least fun!

Daniel Meyer

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