Oooo…a high speed run on The Dragon…cross country. That machine simply loves to run. Good thing…I love to run her…hard and fast…

Got friends to meet in Johnson City…a couple side trips…1100 miles? (each way)

Let’s see…

Hottest day of the year so far?

Riding into the three states with the most heat warnings up?
check check check.

Timing is such that I’ll be in the hottest area for the longest time?

Remembered sun screen?

NOT a dry heat?

Queue sunscreen saturated sweat dripping into eyes in…


Black jeans?

Black t-shirt

Black boots?

Black bike?

1500cc heat producing horsepower source?

Crispy critter panting in the saddle?
check (AND loving it!)

Funny…at the truck stops…bottled water is more expensive then
cokes and juices? What the heck’s happened to the world?

There’s hardly anybody on the highways outside of the major
towns…the 18 wheelers outnumber the cars. Wierd. Makes for some good running though…they know where the cops are and they typically DON’T try to run me down like the cages do…

Plenty of cops out though…not enough victims/marks…a car comes over the hill and there’s 48 cop cars from 15 different agencies crawling all over each other to get a radar lock on it. Too bad…it’s another little bitty shitty car and it CAN’T speed…it’s not capable! BOTH squirrels are working as hard as they can!

Alas…poor cops. They’re gonna starve! I feel like stopping and
giving them a dollar or something. Maybe some doughnuts….

I saw some motor patrol officers today…I *think* they were Tennessee State Patrol but they could have been Nashville PD…gad…where to start…motorcops…wearing bicycle shorts and tight/taylored shirts…oh no…no steriods there LOL…I hate to stereotype but jheeze…they looked like something right out of the village people or something.

And padded bicycle shorts? What the heck are they thinking? Deadly in an accident…and I guarentee had they pulled me pver they would have put me under the jail…I would NOT have been able to take them seriously…gawd!

I think I’m in Lebanon, TN or something like that….

Fritos in bed (yeah I love hotel rooms), AC on full…

Queue heat exhausted sleep in

Daniel Meyer

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